the process



My process is first and foremost collaborative—meant to build on your personal style through careful evaluation and enhancement. Often we get started with a closet assessment to identify keepers, updates, redundancies, consignments, and giveaways. We’ll survey your favorite pieces to better understand your style preferences and identify what looks best on you. From there, we’ll devise a personalized wardrobe strategy that’s always focused on your unique needs.

Technology—such as iPads, Pinterest and shared folders—is utilized for communication and integrates with ease into your personal library. The final wardrobe strategy is discussed together and put into a customized shopping plan.

To create unique wardrobes for each client, I rely on a network of retail professionals in the Bay Area, New York City, and Los Angeles to find special, as well as mainstay pieces. These collaborative relationships are the cornerstone of my business and are what enable me to curate highly individualized wardrobes from diverse sources—specialty shops, department stores, online retailers, vintage and resale channels, and coveted boutiques across the country. My relationships also extend beyond the closet and include a collective of recommended resources meant to enhance your style with services like makeup and hair, florals and photography.

The overall mission is two-fold—to build confidence and ingenuity around your existing sense of style, and to give you back your invaluable time so that you can focus on what’s most important to you, and look great while doing it!



[Working with Jessica] saved me a ton of time, and a ton of money because she narrowed my choices down to the things I needed, and that would fit my sense of style. Best of all, she was able to let me be “me,” while at the same time pulling me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to try new colors, styles, and looks. The results have been fantastic.
— Genevieve O.