"I had never worked with a personal shopper before, and felt that with many years of shopping under my Pradas, I really didn't need the help.  Jessica opened my eyes to an entirely different level of suitable and notable dressing! Recently, I attended three days of very important board meetings and wore the outfits that she had selected for me.  Men and women alike commented on how terrific I looked!  They truly envied and admired my outfits, from a long coat with leggings and suede loafers one day, to leather pants and the hippest jacket, accompanied by pearl studded boots the next, to finally the same long coat with black leggings and amazing flats the final day.  One woman told me I had amazing style and that she wanted me to take her shopping!!!"

-Joan H.

"So, I took up the challenge Jessica gave me and purged all my uncomfortable,  too tight and outdated jeans, trousers and dress pants.  I then gave her my ideal pant criteria and voila…. within 2 hours of shopping together,  Jessica had found and styled me in jeans and pants for casual, professional and dressy occasions that were comfortable and flattering."

-Yianna X.

"Cannot recommend Jessica highly enough! I had her do the closet analysis and a personal shopping session and both were fantastic. First, she helped get my closet into manageable form. I was prepared for the worst, but she was wonderful and gently helped me “let go” of everything that didn’t fit and no longer worked for me. She listened to me, asked a ton of questions, and was so easy and fun to work with. Then, once she was able to see everything in my closet, she identified the key pieces I needed. By the time I got to the stores, she had “pre-shopped” for me so all I had to do was try things on."

-Genevive O.

"Jessica did a great job of nailing my style and taking it a bit further — very intuitive. While I went over budget, I have been wanting to update and edit for some time. I have truly enjoyed wearing the new things and am so happy to have a fresh view of my wardrobe. I would absolutely recommend her to others!”

-Trish S.

"Jessica is an amazing personal stylist. She is very professional and always knows how to match colors, materials, textures, and creating flawless looks for her clients. Every time they are in our store there is a wonderful vibe and the clients leave the store happy! For us it's a pleasure working with Jessica!!"

-Client Specialist, Maiden Lane, San Francisco

"As a Luxury Store Director, I work with a lot of stylists, but none like Jessica Dodson. The amount of enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism is second to none. When Jessica comes in to do pulls, I stop whatever I'm doing to spend time with her. Jessica has a way with her clients, they not only truest her with their image but they love her and she truly loves them. Carefully guiding them to enhance their personal image and making selections that are not only chic but also timeless and effortless. "

-Abe A. 

"When you think of the everyday woman, and personal charm, you think of Jessica Dodson! She has such a creative eye and makes fashion fun.  With her sense of style and my way with makeup, we bounce ideas back forth to harmonize a collective whole where fashion meets beauty."

-Sheyla L., Make Up Artist

"Jessica really wants to understand all of your personas and dress you for them. I might be 'put together casual' at work, 'fashion forward formal' at a board meeting, or 'effortlessly cool' on the weekend. She has her own unique style that she imbues on her clients' wardrobes so that you don't look like everyone else.  She works really hard on all of the details too. She follows up to make sure all of the shipments arrive, every hem is properly measured and returns are managed with the greatest of ease. She's also thinking about your look all the time. it is quite often that she'll be shopping for another reason and I'll get a text with a dress idea or a cool jacket. She's always on 'the hunt' for her clients."

-Christa Q.

"I had a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.  I hated shopping would only do so if I could find a bargain (which explains my closet full of unworn clothes--clearly, purchased for the wrong reasons.)  Even though it seemed counterintuitive, a personal stylist was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful to have found Jessica... her great eye for fashion, fun personality and professional focus has been transformational for me.  During our closet edit, she helped me find new uses for old pieces.  Jessica also gave me the courage to finally purge or consign items that were either long past their prime and just weren't for me. Because Jessica really understood my wardrobe needs, challenges and goals, the shopping phase was quick and painless... she did all the prep work and all I had to do was try on select items which would have taken me several trips to find on my own.  Most importantly, she taught me how to look for value without ever skimping on quality.  In the end, I saved money and so much time, and I finally have a wardrobe that makes me feel comfortable and confident.  Thank you, Jessica!"

-Rachel K.

"Jessica Dodson, the heart of soul of 59 Morton,  ignites your signature style & validates the power of looking and feeling great. Jessica reworks your existing wardrobe & assists in acquiring unique pieces that make your style exclusive. Team 59's process is smart and fun... and Jessica's expertise has evolved my style into an everyday beautiful."

-Mara L.


“I love that when I go shopping with Jessica, I look awesome in the clothes she chooses for me.  I'm super short in height and she is able to find awesome stylish pants for me that don't need alterations to shorten them.  Amazing!  Also she has introduced me to such great brands that really elevate my expectations on what cool clothes can be.  On top of being a great stylist, you can tell that Jessica is an awesome person who will make sure you feel great about the whole experience.”

-Yoshie K.